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Previous Study Abroad Experience / History(留学経験/経歴)

Victoria, Canada for 2 weeks
Nelson, New Zealand for 10 days
Blenheim, New Zealand for 1 week
Blenheim, New Zealand for 10 months belonged Marlborough Girls’ College year 12
Blenheim, New Zealand for 1month belonged Marlborough Girls’ College year 13
Toronto, Canada for 10 months belonged York University English Language Institute Academic course completed.


“Nobody is perfect but do my best and be positive.”


Advantages of being with beo (beoのセールスポイント)

beo all staff has experience of studying abroad. Of course, we experienced some enjoyable experience and tough one that is you will experience in the future as well. That is especially why we can support you warmly. We are always open to support you from some your requests to worries.”

beo は、スタッフ全員が留学を経験しています。もちろん皆さんがこれから経験するであろう、楽しいことや大変なことも経験しています。だからこそ、親身になってサポートができます。ぜひ、様々な要望から不安なことまでご相談ください。

A message for people interested in studying abroad (留学希望者に向けたメッセージ)

Studying abroad is the great experience to make you have confidence. I understand you have some uneasiness for future, what will happen and what you can get there. However, if you get over studying abroad as trial, I am sure you are going to have a confidence, and it will lead to next stage. If you have a chance, I really want you to get it and lead to your future with your confidence.



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