Counselor 留学カウンセラー



Previous Study Abroad Experience / History(留学経験/経歴)

Global Village English Centers in Canada
Southern Illinois University in USA
Chinese University in Hong Kong


Listen to your own voice.

Advantages of being with beo (beoのセールスポイント)

At beo we have staff with a great variety of study abroad experience so we can assist you with a wide range of study abroad programmes. Please drop by our office and let us hear your story.

beo には多種多様な留学経験を持つスタッフが在籍しており、幅広い留学プログラムへの対応が可能です。是非一度、beo に足をお運びいただき、お話をお伺いさせていただければと思います。

A message for people interested in studying abroad (留学希望者に向けたメッセージ)

People who are actually studying abroad all come from different backgrounds, have different opinions and decided to study abroad for different reasons. There might be some people who decide not to study abroad because they think “this is not a good enough reason to study abroad”, but if you feel that “I am interested in studying abroad” then that is a genuine reason to do so. We are here to help you arrive at what you really want to do and are glad to support you in creating a rewarding study abroad experience.



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