Counselor 留学カウンセラー



Previous Study Abroad Experience / History(留学経験/経歴)

BA in International Studies, American University, Washington D.C., the United States
MSc in Gender and International relations, University of Bristol, Bristol, the United Kingdom

ブリストル大学 (英国、ブリストル)ジェンダーと国際関係学



If you can have a dream, you can make it come true.  

Advantages of being with beo (beoのセールスポイント)

Experienced beo staff provide a wide range of services to those who are interested in studying abroad. Since beo has strong connections with various overseas universities, particularly in the UK, we are able to give customers an abundance of academic information when selecting schools and courses. Even for customers are not confident enough to study in foreign countries, since we have established various English courses we can help support their study. With these high levels of service, all staff at beo do our best to make customers’ dreams come true.


A message for people interested in studying abroad (留学希望者に向けたメッセージ)

Study abroad is a life-changing experience. You might face unexpected anxiety, language barriers and academic challenges while staying in foreign country. However, study abroad enables you to meet people from all over the world, experience the diversity of culture at a new school and expand your knowledge, which are all ultimately important to your life in the future. If you are interested in having a life-changing experience, do not hesitate to contact us. I am pleased to work with you to achieve your dreams.  



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