Counselor 留学カウンセラー



Qualification / Certificate(カウンセラー資格)

Australia Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

Previous Study Abroad Experience / History(留学経験/経歴)

English Language Centre Bristol, UK
University of Leeds, UK, Study Year Abroad Programme


Peace begins with a smile. (Mother Teresa)

Advantages of being with beo (beoのセールスポイント)

I myself was a user of the beo support system, where I completed the entire application process​​ for both my university studies and student VISA. Staff at beo are very supportive and reliable as experts in study abroad. We strive to ease your worries by supporting many aspects of your study abroad, including not only your application but also your language skill and career consideration.


A message for people interested in studying abroad (留学希望者に向けたメッセージ)

Choosing to studying abroad could be one of the biggest decisions in your life, but I believe the experience broadens your perspective. During your study abroad, you may struggle with other cultures at times, but you will also encounter people’s kindness. These kinds of experiences continue to influence me. You live only once, so take your first step forward with us!


Schools visited (海外教育機関への訪問実績)

  • Lancaster University


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