beo 10th Anniversary



創業時より“to be the best you can be"をコーポレートスローガンに掲げ、これまでに10,000人を超える方々の留学をサポート。2009年はこれまでで最も多くの方にbeoをご利用いただいた年になりました。また、海外教育機関からはbeoの学生の質を高く評価いただいており、数々の栄誉ある奨学金がbeoの学生に授与されています。(2008年、ブラッドフォード大学から奨学金を授与された留学生(全世界)のうち半数以上がbeoの学生でした。)

「2010年」 10周年というこの節目の年に、beoは新たなステージへ大きく飛躍します。


beo was formed in 2000 as a representative Japan office for 4 universities wishing to build academic links with Japan. Due to the high reputation earned from both students and institutions, beo has grown to act as a representative office of more institutions year by year - to the extent that beo now covers all institutions in the UK in addition to many options in the USA, Australia and other destinations. Because of our customer focused counseling, institutions recognize beo as their preferred partner organization in guiding the best qualified students to them. beo students are frequently selected for prestigious and competitive scholarships. (for example, in 2008 over half of students chosen for an international student scholarship award by Bradford University were beo students.)

beo was the first organisation in Japan offering a totally free professional and comprehensive advisory service for people wishing to study overseas. With a vision to facilitate our customers “to be the best you can be" I am very proud to note that over the past 9 years beo has supported over 10,000 students in their overseas study. This year more people than ever used beo services to choose an international education tailored to their situation and ambitions.

 2010 marks the 10th anniversary for beo but more importantly it marks a new beginning for beo. I am always conscious of how much more work we as a company have to do - I myself and all beo staff have a mission to constantly strive to offer ever better levels of service,  professionalism and opportunities to our customers. The new beo centres in London, Tokyo and Osaka are just a first step for beo in this mission. But they are important because they mark a significant renewal of beo commitment to our customers and represent a considerable "step up" in the level of service and support that we offer - particularly in individual attention to detail and personal service.

Together with all beo staff, I offer you this renewed commitment and look forward very much to working with you in the coming years.

BEO株式会社 代表取締役社長
paul taylor