Makiko Tsukamoto
塚本 麻希子

Counselor 留学カウンセラー


Makiko Tsukamoto <br>塚本 麻希子

Qualification / Certificate(カウンセラー資格)

British Council Education UK Certificate for Agents (Pass with distinction*)
Australia Qualified Education Agent Counsellor


* Pass with distinction ブリティッシュ・カウンシル公式資格の合格通知には「Pass with distinction」と「Pass」の2種類があります。「Pass with distinction」は、得点率70%以上の成績優秀者(受験者のうち約20%)にのみ送られる合格通知です。

Previous Study Abroad Experience / History(留学経験/経歴)

Royal Holloway, University of London ロイヤル・ホロウェイ ロンドン大学


Be positive! Keep smiling!  いつも前向きに笑顔で!

Advantages of being with beo (beoのセールスポイント)

All beo counselors have the experience of studying abroad, and are willing to give you full support. Please do not hesitate to come and talk to us if you have any thoughts of studying abroad. You are always welcome here!


A message for people interested in studying abroad (留学希望者に向けたメッセージ)

Studying abroad will have a big impact on your life. Meeting people from all over the world and spending time with them will surely change the way you see things. Having experienced this myself, I strongly recommend studying abroad, and am willing to give you full support to make your dreams come true.


Schools visited (海外教育機関への訪問実績)

  • Macquarie University
  • Curtin University
  • Murdoch University
  • Phoenix Academy


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